Goals and Uses of the Housing Trust Fund/Special Exhibits


· To contribute to economic growth through increased housing production, employment, and tax revenues;

· To leverage additional private investment in Arkansas communities;

· To provide a dedicated, flexible source of funds for communities to address their affordable housing needs;

· To help families build wealth and economic stability; and,

· To revitalize distressed neighborhoods and build healthy, vibrant communities by developing high quality affordable housing.


Housing Trust Fund dollars will be used to provide grants, loans, loan guarantees, and/or loan subsidies to eligible applicants to fund residential housing and/or related activities. Eligible activities will include, but are not limited to:

· Affordable housing projects consisting of new or rehabilitation

· Construction of rental or homeownership housing

· Rental assistance

· Land acquisition

· Pre-development costs

· Infrastructure

· Transitional housing

· Down payment assistance

· Housing and foreclosure counseling

· Technical assistance


Act 661-Arkansas Housing Trust Fund

2020 Arkansas Code - Arkansas Housing Trust Fund

AHTF Talking Points (Message Frames)

Shelter is a basic need. Housing is interconnected with multiple policy areas.