ACHANGE - Housing Arkansas Affiliation

In February 2022 Housing Arkansas and ACHANGE signed a Fiscal Sponsor Agreement to formalize the reconnection between Housing Arkansas and the Arkansas Coalition of Housing & Neighborhood Growth for Empowerment.  Housing Arkansas and ACHANGE share a commitment to providing quality affordable housing, whether through ownership or rental, single or multi-family, across Arkansas. 

ACHANGE is a collective voice that promotes quality, affordable housing, and community economic development throughout Arkansas. The coalition focuses on the need for affordable housing solutions for Arkansas citizens.  ACHANGE supports education, provides training, encourages responsible growth and sustainability, and works to influence public policy on issues related to affordable housing in Arkansas.

Together we pursue and support responsive public policy, provide educational and capacity building opportunities, and encourage partnerships among members to address identified affordable housing needs within their communities.  We share the mission of seeking permanent, sustainable funding for the Arkansas Housing Trust Fund (Act 661 of 2009).

You are encouraged to access additional information through the ACHANGE Website at :  and visit the ACHANGE Facebook page at: