Get Involved

       Your continued support can help in our ongoing effort to find a sustainable, permanent source of funding for the Arkansas Housing Trust Fund (Act 661 of 2009). Reach out to your local Senator and Representative. Stay informed. Be a voice for all Arkansans as efforts continue to ensure that safe, decent housing is in reach for many of your neighbors, family members, and friends.


In March of 2013, Senator Joyce Elliott sponsored SB728.  It was approved as Act 1518, awarding the Arkansas Housing Trust Fund $500,000. That $500,000 was an essential step forward in the campaign to secure a permanent, dedicated source of revenue. It was the first investment of state funds since the Housing Trust Fund was established. The Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) approved funding for the following projects:


· Fort Smith Riverview Hope Campus - $250,000 as a component of a $3.5 million budget to provide comprehensive, one-stop services to homeless persons and families.

· City of Little Rock - $230,000 as a component of a $475,000 budget to rehabilitate substandard, owner-occupied homes.

· Harrison - $20,000 to establish a utility and rental deposit loan fund for homeless persons and families.


        ADFA continues to extend support for new, innovative housing programs and services to assist low- and moderate-income Arkansas households. ADFA leads efforts to ensure Arkansans have safe and affordable housing and their continuing work makes a meaningful impact. 


         We ask your support to continue the excellent work that began on March 30, 2009. Act 661, the Arkansas Housing Trust Fund became law, and Arkansas joined the ranks of forty-seven states with housing trust funds. Arkansas remains a part of another ranking. It is one of seven states without a permanent funding source. Without sustainable, permanent funding, Arkansans cannot fully benefit from the opportunities implementing the law can bring about. By any measure, state housing trust funds are the backbone of the housing trust fund world. They demonstrate what is possible, encourage local participation, and build enough momentum to begin having a measurable impact on addressing essential housing needs. (Housing Trust Fund Survey, 2016)